The Australian Glass and Glazing Association (AGGA) has recently introduced an accredited installer system for the glazing of safety and laminated safety glass. All members undergo training and testing of their knowledge of the Australian Standard for Selection and Installation of Glass in Buildings (AS1288). These installers are skilled tradespeople who have agreed to a set code of conduct and who have qualified to apply an AGGA certification label to any laminated safety glazing undertaken.

An AGGA accredited glazier is your best protection for ensuring that you, or your client’s, buildings are glazed according to the code and an excellent way to protect you, or your client’s, from large damages claims associated with inadequate glazing.

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Accreditation for the Installer: With more and more legal incidents coming to light, the need for accreditation continues to grow. Building owners and operators have a legal duty of care to provide premises which are fit (safe) for purpose.

Building owners and operators are realising that they have a legally enforceable responsibility to provide safe premises for users, whether they be dwellings, offices, shopping complexes or health care buildings. As a consequence, calls are coming in at record levels to have buildings audited and updated by an accredited glazier.

It is absolutely essential that you have a current copy of AS1288 and that you can show your customers that you have been accredited and can therefore protect them from the potentially expensive dangers resulting from glazing that does not comply with the Standard.

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To become an Accredited Glazing Member, the member must meet the following criteria:


  • Be a financial Member of AGGA or the State Associations.
  • Have staff pass the AS1288-2006 Competency Exam. (At least one staff member employed in your Company must be registered as a Competent Glazier, their Certificate of Competency lasts for 2 years or must be updated with the introduction of significant amendments to the Standard).
  • Join the Accreditation program and pay the annual Accreditation fee $200
  • Abide by the Associations Code of Ethics.
  • Accreditation numbers are not transferable to another Company.
  • If the Competent Glazier leaves your firm the Accredited Company has 3 months for their new staff member to pass the Competency Exam.
  • Company members who resign from the Association or lose their membership for any reason, forfeit their Accreditation and will be excluded from the Accreditation list and safety glass labelling program.


  • Listed on the AGGA website as an Accredited Glazing Company.
  • Able to display the Accredited Member sticker.
  • Mailouts sent to various bodies eg Real Estate Agents – showing case law judgements against people who have not glazed to the AS1288 code. Included in this mailout is a list of all Victorian Accredited Glaziers.
  • Show your firm is an A1288-2006 Accredited Glazing Company on your letterheads.
  • Order and use, AGGA stickers for marking Glass.


  • Company Accreditation annual fee $200
  • Glass stickers, cost depending on order requirements, order forms will be forwarded to members upon reaching all criteria.

Following completion of the above program . Members will be issued with an Accredited Member Certificate